What Cleaning Products Do You Use?

what cleaning products do you use

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People often ask us what kinds of cleaning products we use. We use a variety of cleaning products for each home, so it’s kind of customized for each home that we go into. 


A product that we started using a couple of months ago is called Thieves. It’s a Young Living product. It’s all-natural and people really like it. It’s one of our favorite things to use! It makes the house smell really good, and it gets the wood floors nice and clean! It’s safe to use on all surfaces so we can use it on laminate, tile, wood flooring, etc. 

Our Mopping System

We use a microfiber mopping system, not the old mopping system that used so much water. This means you don’t have to worry about all that moisture on your wood floors.

We’d love to show you how clean and comfortable we can make your home!

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